Parish Mission Statement

Formed by the Word of God, and nourished by the Eucharist, we strive through prayer, education and service to manifest God’s transforming love in the world, as we work together to become, what we proclaim ourselves to be, CORPUS CHRISTI, THE BODY OF CHRIST.

Parish News

Thank you to the many parishioners and staff members who make the beauty of the Christmas Season shine so brightly here at Corpus Christi.  All the lectors, communion ministers, altar servers, ushers, sacristans, decorators, maintenance men, musicians and singers: what a great gift all of you are to the Church!  The Outreach staff and volunteers do so much to help needy families at this sacred time of the year.  Our catechists and adult formation leaders show the way to Jesus Christ, by their words and examples of living and teaching the values of our Catholic faith.  All of our Parish staff workers spend so much extra effort making this a holy season for all.

The new year also brings a bit of sad news to our parish family.  Mary Goeller, who has been working in the church office for more than 40 years, is retiring to a life of a lot of babysitting for her many grandchildren!  Mary has been a true blessing to Corpus Christi Church; both as a leader in so many ministries, and always a servant of God.  She has worked for 8 different pastors and many priests; so Mary has seen it all!  In all humility, she did not want to have a big retirement party.  But she certainly deserves our thanks and perpetual prayers!


The new year also brings a bit of good news to our Church community.  Deacon Brian Mannix, who has just retired from his position in banking, is beginning work in our Church office as a Pastoral Associate.  Brian has been a member of Corpus Christi his whole life; graduating from our school and helping the parish grow in so many ways.  As a Deacon, he will continue with his ministry on the altar and in the Sacraments.  In addition he will take on more responsibilities to help expand our Outreach to needy families, as was the original calling of deacons from the Bible.  Brian will also be involved with the daily running of the parish office, offering counseling to people in need, and assisting in many of the church ministries.  As a lifer here, Brian knows so many of you; so please welcome him to this new role at Corpus Christi.

Finally, please pray for Jack Walsh who has been faithfully working in our Church and school for more than 20 years.  Jack is on medical sick leave since December, and we hope he will return soon in good health.  In the meantime, Bobby Mondello (who recently restored the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue), will work with Ken Stein and our maintenance staff to keep up the parish building and grounds.






Miraculous Medal Novena, Mondays after 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM Masses.

Rectory Office Hours

Monday through Friday
9AM to Noon,
1 PM to 8:30 PM

Saturdays, 9 AM to 2 PM
Sundays, 9 AM to 2 PM